Uncharted Waters

Uncharted Waters

BY : August Gill

It was Tuesday, July 7, 2020 also known as Blackout Day. Blackout Day was a day of intentional actions to support Black-owned businesses. It was the day I realized that "I wore the mask" that The Great Maya Angelou describes. In wearing that mask, I was unintentionally teaching my children not to be authentically seen. 

That day I prayed for an opportunity to be seen, heard and proud! That day August Gill Apparel was born. Each step of the process I am learning, growing, and getting more confident. Today was another lap in uncharted waters as I participated in my first Pop-Up Shop. For some, this may have been an undaunting task; however, for me an introvert it was stepping outside my comfort zone.

While sales were meek, it was a great opportunity to network with some awesome people, learn new skills and market my brand. I learned that every process throughout this journey is about seeing the opportunities that I believe are there.

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